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Sea Turtle Holidays

No. 32, April 2016

Talking Turtles with Tim Harvey


Between the awe-inspiring and upbeat Attenborough documentary to hysterical news bulletins on coral bleaching, it's hard to know the truth about the Great Barrier Reef.

In this edition, we meet director of the Sea Turtle Foundation and ex-manager of Heron Island research station, Tim Harvey, who has seen the changes and admits there is a lot to do. We've also linked to a video by Quicksilver with an update from the reef right now!

Political and media-posturing doesn't help tour operators and community groups with their great work to address farming run-off, vegetation loss and control pests.

"Whilst we have organisations like STF and people like Tim Harvey, I think there's hope" Bill Lamb, WA.

The good people and experts who work at the coral-face haven't lost hope ... so neither should we. If we are going to make a difference, perhaps we can support them, disregard press hyperbole and discover the facts for ourselves, while keeping the pressure on our leaders.

David Suzuki says "the oceans are a total mystery to us. The best information we can get is by direct observation ... to have a first hand experience with what's actually happening to our oceans" 

Tim Harvey of the Sea Turtle Foundation, in partnership with Wildiaries, is leading several trips to the reef this year. Imagine standing exactly where Attenborough does his interviews and in the company of Tim and other experts, get to have that first hand experience with our oceans.

Best wishes,

Simon Mustoe
Founder, Wildiaries

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Tim Harvey - talking turtles and reef action

We interview Tim for his insights about work for turtles on the Great Barrier Reef ... read more

Quicksilver Group - health of Great Barrier Reef

Quicksilver Group's environment and marine biologists talk about the current health of the reef.


Turtles on Heron Island with Sea Turtle Foundation

Bill joined Sea Turtle Foundation's Tim Harvey on a Wildiaries trip to Heron Island. The trip was attended by a range of people of all skills and interests from amateur and non-photographers
... watch Bill's film here.


Photos from filming expedition to Heron Island

One of the great things about Heron Island is it's a fantastic place to learn about photography. There's so much to shoot and so much time! Even the birds will wait long enough until you're ready. Seeing everyone benefit from learning photography has been one of the greatest pleasures of these trips
... read more here.



Sea Turtle Holidays

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