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No. 25, May 2015

Arnhem Land, Kakadu and the Land of the Lightning Brothers

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I n this special edition of Wildiaries we're delighted to be talking about cultural immersion experiences in Aboriginal Australia.

We're thrilled to have been asked by Mike Keighley to exclusively present to you "Travel to the Land of the Lightning Brothers", in our opinion one of the very best Top End trips you could ever hope to do.

It would be unfair to describe this as a 'tour' in the conventional sense.

Mike, Tio, Bill and Neville are inviting just ten of you to come on a spectacular journey with them, through Kakadu and Arnhem Land to Wardamanland, to visit their friends and relatives so they can show you their spiritual home through the people, art and stories.

Ernie Dingo talks about Bill Harney, "bush gentleman". Bill, who you will spend time with, is as a living national treasure ... a legendary Aboriginal elder with unsurpassed knowledge and enthusiasm to share his culture.

We'd also like to remind you of Caroline Densley, an integral member of the Wildiaries team ... anyone who has travelled with us will know how devoted and fastidious Caroline is when it comes to organising your trips.

Caroline dedicates her life to helping Aboriginal communities connect visitors with authentic cultural experiences. These are people who care deeply about their history and have a strong desire to share their knowledge.

Linc Walker who runs tours in Far North Queensland says "... it's what we're supposed to do, keeping connection to our country. Looking after visitors when they come to our country is part of our cultural responsibility. The business helps us do all the things we need to do, to be who we are."

We have a wide range of extended and day-trip cultural journeys, hand-picked from the best in Australia. If you would like to know more about "Travel to the Land of the Lightning Brothers" or would like Caroline to suggest your next trip, please contact her here.

Simon Mustoe
Founder, Wildiaries

Travel to the Land of the Lightning Brothers runs from 31 Aug - 5 Sept for $5,600 twin share departing Darwin. Click here for more information.


TRAVEL: to The Land of the Lightning Brothers with Mike Keighley and Bill HarneyEXCLUSIVE - Travel to the Land of the Lightning Brothers, Mike Keighley, Bill Harney

Imagine dining over open fire under stars, visiting ancient rock-art galleries, sleeping by the drone of the didgeridoo and wakening to the pure sounds of the Australian bush. Four lifelong friends guide you through their spiritual home, to learn about their culture, the people, landscapes and wildlife.


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"Someone once said that the beaten path is traveled by the beaten traveller and so I try to get people off the beaten track and into places where they can enjoy space ... just nature at it's best," Mike says ... click here.

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